Question why this TYR Catalyst Stroke Paddle?

Swimmers wear paddles for many reasons, to increase strength, to assist their pull, feel more water which is meant to force more power through the water, fix their stroke and place more focus and place emphasis on their upper body.  The overall aim of any swimming tool is to assist the swimmer in becoming faster, smarter, and move easier through the water as they are meant to enhance, correct, align and assist a swimmer to build themselves and progress. 

This is why the TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddle is so good because it answers so many needs you require from a swim paddle.  Assisting not only technique but also depending on the size you select your strength.

Coming in Seven size options the developers of the TYR Catalyst suggest swimmers work with a variety of paddle dimensions. In utilizing a minimum of two sizes, athletes have the opportunity to elevate resistance without compromising technique. As the swimmer would choose a smaller paddle for quicker stroke rate sets as compared to slower sets using a bigger paddle.  In addition, multiple options help to increase the versatility of regular training drills.