Swimming Fins, Swim Fins From Leading Swimming brands FINIS and TYR.

Get the best range of Silicone and rubber swimming flippers for every swimmer at all levels. Short, Long and Technical leading edge Swim Fin and Flipper Technology from your Swim Specialists. Find a solution for every swimmer of all levels from the best range of fins we have ever had. 

FIippers or Fins are one of the three most used pieces of training equipment in the water. Using flippers while swimming laps or in the ocean will help to improve the up kick by adding resistance to this motion. 

By working out your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back muscles, swim fins provide positive muscle reinforcement, improving your kick technique and making you faster and more efficient. They are also used to elevate your hips when you fatigue so people will use Fins when they are not as fit so the propulsion of the flipper can assist them. 

The younger swimmers will often start with short fins and as they become stronger, they will progress to a smaller or shorter fin that may also be heavier to give them more resistance to force the improvement of both the upward and downward kick. Like swimming snorkels, you don’t want a weak swimmer using a fin that is too technical in nature to soon because they often will not be strong enough yet to use them and their stroke will be comprimised and they will fatigue quicker. They may also not know how to use them correctly, and they will be of little benefit. 

Thus, a good first short fin is the TYR Strkyer fin because this is a lightweight fin that is also a good size and will provide more core benefit than a conventional long flipper. 12 years of age is normally an age you can look to consider a small fin but it mostly depends on swimming ablity more than age. 

 The Crossblade Fin is the next progression and the most technical FIN available is the TYR Hydroblade FIN providing the ability short quick kicks so a swimmer can get maximum propulsion, more speed and simultaneously build their leg strength. Any person of any age ,can use flippers and which ones you choose will be dictated by your strength swimming goals and current swimming ability. If you are not sure which Flippers to use as the swimming specialists, Aqua Shop staff are trained to fit product to your individual needs so if you need assistance choosing which fin is the best one for you right now please call our specialist staff on 1300 132 852 or email customers@aquashop.com.au.

Flippers are a tool every swimmer has and are very useful even for warm up or warm down at swimming events which we highly recommend if you have a heavy swimming racing program. 

Flippers can also be used in conjunction with a kickboard and a snorkel to concentrate on your breathing technique as well as improving you kicking and leg strength. 

Kicking is often called the 5th stroke and should never be neglected and flippers can assist because you can increase the velocity of your kicking with FINS which is something you want to learn how to do to to know how it feels to swim at fast speeds that is why a technical flipper like the TYR Hydroblade FIN or smaller flippers such as the TYR Crossblade or burner fins are good choices for swimmers whose primary goal is to continually swim faster. 

Yes, it is important and take time to select the correct fin for you. You need to know what your swimming goals are, and your current swimming ability and leg strength is.
Every FIN is built and designed to do and assist swimmers and athletes with various things so it’s important to select the right fin as otherwise it may not assist you and you wont progress or feel like the flippers are making any difference to you.
The best flippers until the age of 11 are long FINS, from 12/13 or when told to by the coach due to advanced swimming ability you can use a shorter fin. The TYR Styker Silicone FIN for your first short fin is the best choice until you are used to a shorter FIN as it is not too heavy or technical. If you are 16yrs or a stronger swimmer than only then should you consider the TYR Hydroblade FINS.
We think it depends on your swimming ability, how often you are swimming training and your current leg strength. If you train 4 or more times a week with good swimming ability any short FIN in our range is a good choice especially the TYR Crossblade FIN 2.0
Firstly a flipper should never fall off or make you feel like you do not have feeling. Also it should not feel floppy around the ankle, it should be snug but not too tight that your foot is changing colour or you can't wiggle your toes. You must have full movement of your foot and calf and not feel strained. If you feel strained this may indicate you in the incorrect size OR you have chosen the wrong TYPE of Flipper for your needs. If you unsure visit an Aqua Shop store of send pictures to customers@aquashop.com.au showing how the fin looks on your foot.