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View Optical Tabata Platina Lens

Product code:TVC510A

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Please note: these are sold individually and you will need to purchase 2 if you require a pair.

The lens matches the TVP500A parts Kit to create a truly unique swimming goggle to your exact prescription.

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Corrective lenses available in + and – diopters

This corrective lens can be inserted into the TVP500A Platina swimming parts kit to be used to create your own unique prescription goggle.

Note: If you wish to create a swimming goggle with prescription lenses - you will need the following products:

1. Two prescription lenses to suit your eyesight. (The lenses are inter-changeable)

2. The Adult TVP500A Platina Parts Kit

The kit, combined with the lenses, provides you with a silicone strap, 3 nose bridges and side clips - all of which fit together simply Just add two lenses to a TVP500A spare parts kit and you will never look back.

Swimming will take on a new View! Available with A Parts Kit Smoke Lens Only 100% UV Protection (under 380nm) Super Anti-Fog Important: Requires the purchase of 1 Adult TVP500A Platina Parts Kit to create a complete goggle.