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TYR Tracer B Kneeksin

Product code:TBSJ6A-001

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The TYR Tracer B Kneeskin Swim Race Suit, a suit perfect for leading age group swimmers. Known as the sister to the World Leading TYR Avictor the Tracer is perfect as your first welded suit

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Engineered, tested and manufactured in America to outperform on the world stage, the Tracer® B Shortjohn is built for elite-level racing. Showcasing High Bonded (HB) Micro-Taped Seams the TBSJ6A Speed Suit is constructed without sewing or threads, to provide unsurpassed drag reduction and a smooth, seamless transition from skin to fabric. Aerofit construction and Range of Motion (ROM) Straps allow for fluidity and explosiveness in the water, while an industry exclusive Five-Piece Muscle Mapped Pattern follows the natural contours of the body for superior fit and support. 

Featuring lightweight, hydrophobic quick-drying fabrication and enhanced stretch properties, the Tracer® B Shortjohn provides memory retention to promote longevity and form-fit. Combined with 4-Way Lock Seams and intricately designed around the human musculature, the Tracer® B-Series Swimsuit locks the core in (with up to a 25% increase in zoned compression),decreasing body circumference by up to 5% and helping to improve blood flow and re-oxygenation of muscles. 

TYR Fabrication:70% Nylon / 30% LYCRA


Tracer B features