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TYR Male Axis All-Over Racer Blue/Green

Product code:RAX7A-487

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Stay a step ahead of the competition in the TYR Men’s and Boys Axis Racer Swimsuit. Constructed with TYR's most durable textile, Durafast Elite® - the RAX7A performance swimsuit utilizes high denier poly fibre and innovative circular knit construction to combine the strength and colourfastness of polyester with the comfort of spandex. Featuring a fitted brief style, adjustable draw cord waist and bold print, the TYR racer is ideal for athletes who want a combination of minimal coverage and comfortable support during every swim. TYR performance swimsuits are fully lined, provide UPF 50+ sun protection, 360-degree range of motion and an antimicrobial lining for freshness. All Durafast Elite® suits are chlorine proof and sustain an impressive 300+ hours of performance. TYR Durafast Elite®: 94% Polyester / 6% Spandex
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