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Swimwear Cleanser

Swimming personal Care for Swimmers and users of chlorinated water 

As the swimming specialists we only select the best! Summer solutions product range is your answer to rejuvenating your body, skin and your swimming suits and togs after they have been exposed to the chlorine.

Summer solutions range consists of high quality products for all types of swimmers. The products are specifically designed to help combat the negative effects of chlorine. 

The product range consists of:

Suit Solutions: Classic for neutralizing the chlorine in your swimwear

One Step: shampoo and conditioner that neutralizes chlorine and removes chlorine odor. ( see body and hair product)

Moisture Therapy: an all-over body lotion with a pleasant lime-coconut scent designed to alleviate the dryness experienced after swimming ( see body and hair product)

4 Item(s)


4 Item(s)