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Aqua Shop loves to help you get to the finish line and are proud to sponsor a range of events for open water, swimming and triathlon. If you are interested in having an event sponsorship arrangement with the Aqua shop please email


Currently through to 2019 our Athlete sponsorship is exhausted, when opportunity exists again we will provide you details on how to apply.

Thankyou Aqua Shop

At Aqua shop we are proud that some of the best athletes in the world choose our products in order to perform to their potential
While our pockets aren’t deep, we love swimming and triathlon and have a sense of gratitude to the sports that have given us so much. For this reason, 
Aqua Shop offers sponsorship opportunities from the grassroots to the highest level of the sport.  
Due to the number of requests for sponsorship and our limited resources, we ask that you use the following guidelines:

How to know if you might be eligible
Are you a consistent top 5 finisher in your category or age group?
Are you competitive locally, regionally or nationally?
Are your results showing improvement?
Are you a coach, race director or individual who has also helped the sport?
Are you a current or past professional, National or World Champ?
Are you passionate about open water swimming and swimming and believe you can offer Aqua Shop something that nobody else can?

You must supply a brief written athletic individual or team resume of no more than four pages in length.
Some brief personal information about your or your team. As stated before, we want good people as well as good athletes!
Teams should provide a single contact and a shop affiliation if any.
The resume must include complete contact information including name,  address, and phone and email information if available. Content and personal character is more important than presentation. Resumes that do not include accurate contact information will be discarded

What else should you know?
Be realistic in your expectations. We are not a huge conglomerate with bottomless pockets.   Most sponsorship opportunities are in the form of ProDeal discount.

Currently our Sponsorship program for swimming is exhausted but feel free to email us to keep your resume on-file for the future opportunites as we review these first.