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Swim Race Suits

ALL racing swimwear in the Aqua Shop range IS FINA Approved, "Before clicking on the images below to see the suits available for purchase have a quick read of the important race suit information below, provided to assist you with your purchase. If you are confident than just click on the images.

Whether you are a school, club, age-group, college, open national or master swimmer - in need of a jammer, one-piece suit or a knee skin: Selecting a race suit is not always a simple task but Aqua Shop, with 20+ experience in swim product and assisting customers understands your needs for racing swimwear


 -       The need to feel good in the water


 -       The need for the suit to fit according to your body shape


 -       The need for a suit to be made of quality fabric and be of the highest craftsmanship


 -       The need for the suit to have a technical advantage so you can swim fast 


Every suit made available through the Aqua Shop not only meets this criteria but also one of value i.e. ensuring you don't have to pay too much for a top performing race suit to meet your needs.

Aqua Shop only provides you with the "best of the best" in race suit product and service.

Selecting a suit

Each race suit available will differ according to fabric, design, fit and feel.

The suit you choose may depend on your

-       distance of event, 

-       individual preferences e.g. body shape, the tightness you like, cut etc

-       level of swimming


Get the right advice and service


-       Aqua Shop knows from experience the importance of being sized, fitted correctly and   receiving after-sale service.


-       Aqua Shop have fitted race suits for more than 20 years and have over 120 years combined experience in the swimming industry.


Aqua Shop have been part of the race suit evolution and fitted no less than 12 different brands in a range of fabrics to every sort of swimming athlete including: World Record Holders. 

Our national race suit specialist and support staff can:

-       Size you

-       Give you advice in selecting a race suit for your individual preferences 

You will receive from our specialists:

-       Advice on the best fitting techniques and tricks

-       The best tips on how to care for your suit 

If you require any advice in sizing your preferred race suit, choosing the right race suit or any other assistance please:  email  phone 1300 132 852 or visit any of the Aqua Shop Stores.




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