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Endura Creatine Plus

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Muscle Power, Energy and Strength Creatine monohydrate and Meta MagĀ®, a highly bioavailable form of magnesium, are involved in the production of cellular energy. Creatine Plus may lead to faster regeneration of ATP energy to the muscle, increasing power and lean muscle mass when used with resistance exercise. Russian Tarragon Can Enhance Muscle Uptake of Creatine - Creatine Plus contains Russian tarragon which research suggests may support muscle uptake of creatine. Endurance Exercise Capacity - This formula also contains rhodiola, which has been used to support physical and mental performance in traditional Russian herbal medicine. Research indicates that rhodiola may improve oxygen utilisation and endurance exercise capacity. Creatine Plus may also help with muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and support exercise performance.