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Blueseventy Nero TX Jammer

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blueseventy's Nero TX swimming race suit range incorporates the very latest in modern textile fabric technology. With advanced ultrasonic welding and extensively tested patterns offering the optimal blend of fit, compression and performance, you know you'll soon be swimming faster with blueseventy.

Attention to detail has been placed at every level, starting with the selection of our unique highly compressive, ultra-low drag, water smart fabric. blueseventy's exclusive fabric is produced using a warp multi-filament treated nylon, with an extremely thin yarn count. The result is a super lightweight, compressive, hydrophobic material that repels water even more effectively and therefore drastically decreases that all important drag coefficient. The entire neroTX range is ultrasonically welded, further eliminating the drag that's created from traditionally sewn suits.

With the outstanding neroTX racewear we continue to set the standard that others follow. Quite simply the world is once again swimming faster in blueseventy.

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The highly compressive nature of our TX Diaphanous fabric gives a figure hugging fit to the neroTX range. The end result is a suit that helps to streamline the body shape in the water and therefore make the swimmer go faster.


The ultrasonically welded seams in the neroTX race suits significantly reduce the drag found in conventionally sewn swimwear. The extremely lightweight nature of our TX fabric further enhances the seam welding leaving an almost undeterminable seam line. The water repellent nature of the suit further increases the ability of the swimmer to slip through the water and therefore reduces passive drag.


Years of extensive research and hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone into making sure every neroTX suit provides the perfect fit to facilitate optimal, individual swimming technique. From the very nature of our unique TX fabric, down to the strategic alignment/ interplay of shoulder straps and scapular movement, to the pin point accuracy of seam lines, each neroTX has been designed to be a part of you the swimmer, maximising your potential, not working against it.


“The ability for blueseventy to stay at the innovative top of our sport is clearly seen in the development of the neroTX.” ~ Rowdy Gaines


The sizing charts for all race suits on-line should only be served as a guideline, they are not absolute. (racing fabric and fit in each brand differs a great deal)

If you would like one on one expert advice for your exact needs and measurements please email our national race suit specialist or

Phone  1300 132 852  (9am -5pm weekdays) to speak to one our many race suit support crew.