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blueseventy Open Water Racesuits

blueseventy Open Water Racesuits


Today this suit is it  no longer Fina approved and you need to check each open water  race event rules, as it is still permittedfor certain events and is used  by many for training and protection against the elements.


Those requiring current FINA approved suits need refer to Open Water Racesuits please click here

 In the past the open water blueseventy suits have the greatest market share including being worn by over 400 more competitors at Kona then the next most worn brand.

 Worn my the majority of open water swimmer including Australian open water members:

- Ky Hurst

- Brendan Capell

- Kate Brooke Petersen

- Daniella de Francesco

- Andrew Beato

- Jamie Leigh Austin

- Trent, Codie and Ridge Grimsey (legs)

- Stacey Hansford.


If you require help with selecting which style and size blueseventy is best for your needs please phone 1300 132 852 or email




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