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Swimming Race Suits by brand

Swimming Race Suits by brand


Aqua Shop committed to bringing you the best of the best in race suits from the best swimming race suit brands 



TYR - Avictor

Dolfin - Titanium 

Arena R-evolution +, R-Evo, Powerskin X-glide and the latest Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro, Flex, VX and Ultra

blueseventy –  NERO 14, Nero tx, Nero Fit , Nero Comp - Nero 10km - Point Zero 3

FINIS - Hydrospeed  1 - Hydrospeed 2




Because these suits are the Worlds Leading Swimming Racing Swim Suits for our current time. Using the best of today’s fabrics and technologies to ensure you can perform at your peak in the water. These suits, compared to other suits available in today’s market place  are superior in performance, comfort, availability and quality consistency.


Get the right advice and service 

-       Each performance race suit type comes with its own sizing chart

-       Aqua Shop knows from experience the importance of being sized,

        fitted correctly and receiving after-sale service.

-       Aqua Shop have fitted race suits for more than 20 years and 

        have over 120 years combined experience in the swimming industry. 

-       Aqua Shop have been part of the race suit evolution and fitted no less than

       10 different brands in a range of fabrics to every sort of swimming athlete including

        World Record Holders.  


Our national race suit specialist and support staff can: 


-       Size you

-       Give you advice in selecting a race suit for your individual preferences  


You will receive from our specialists


-       Advice on the best fitting techniques and tricks

-       The best tips on how to care for your suit  


If you require any advice in sizing your preferred race suit, choosing the right race suit or any other assistance please: 



phone             1300 132 852

or visit any of the Aqua Shop Stores