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Endura Rehyrdration Sachets

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Endura Rehyrdration Sachets

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  • For Athletes to perform at their best they need to well hydrated. the human body is made up of 70 to 80% water and water is used in virtually every biochemical reaction. Between 1 and 1.5 litres of fluid can be lost per hour from heat exposure during sporting activities. Taken before, during and after strenuous activity, Magnesium Rehydration Formula will effectively replenish lost fluids. Endura magnesium rehydration formula helps to improve physical performance by maintaining safe body temperatures during exercise induced heat stress.

    It's generally recognised that sports drinks are an excellent source of water, providing beneficial electrolytes and minerals. Magnesium Rehydration Formula will help improve the athlete’s stamina and rehydration. Many other well known sports drinks contain high sodium levels essentially making them nothing more than sweetened salt water, leaving athletes dehydrated and worn out.

    Magnesium Rehydration Formula is a scientifically advanced rehydration drink. Designed to replace glycogen and the electrolytes - sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and chloride in ratios similar to those found in muscle cells, the activated mineral complex in Magnesium Rehydration Formula is absorbed directly into muscle cells.

    Whether you're an active person, feeling fatigued or simple have sore muscles you will benefit from Magnesium Rehydration formula.

  • Magnesium places a critical role in muscle energy production. Magnesium defiency causes swelling and disruption of the main energy-producing structures within the cell. This is a major cause of exercise-induced muscle damage and can be reduced by magnesium supplementation. Magnesium has a direct affect of oxygen, Strength, Cardiorespiratory function, muscle cramps and is shown to exert a regulatory influence by maintaining appropriate levels of potassium, calcium and sodium.


    Replenishment of tissue levels of magnesium and potassium will act to reduce cramping. Magnesium Rehydration Formula contains optimal levels of calcium, potassium and high levels of magnesium in a highly absorbable form to ensure electrolyte regulation for healthy muscle function.


    Meta Maga, Endura's patented high potency form of magnesium used in the Rehydration formula is one of the best sources of magnesium. The inclusion of this magnesium formula is what makes the Endura Rehydration formula one of the most unique sports rehydration formulas available.

    Note:This specialised form of high potency magnesium does not dissociate in the intestine and hence many not cause gastointestinal distress.