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Aqua shop Club program

Aqua Shop is affiliated with many clubs around the country and each one of these club receives special Aqua Shop one on one attention with an Aqua Shop Expert.  

Benefits includes but not limited to 

  • Exclusive visits anywhere in the country by our sales representative to have one on one product assistance anywhere in the country.  This includes our race suit assistance to club members and being able to purchase at exclusive prices during these visits
  • Special Club prices on all product with orders of 6 or more.  
  • The ability to organise specially designed club product at incredible rates with the clubs logo eg parkas, caps, swimsuits, chamois, bags etc 
  • Sponsorship by Aqua Shop in the form of vouchers, products and other applicable items to be used in club carnivals, raffles and club nights, swimmers with needs and awards. 
  • Fee Aqua shop catalogues when available delivered to your club 

To have your club affiliated to the Aqua shop to ensure you always get the best service, attention and prices please email 

*Note clubs are bodies that bulk purchase for the purpose of using the products within their club for the benefit of their members.